Here's something i had written a few months ago. Battling writer's block          Every now and then I pick up my pen and start off what I think can make a wonderful story. But no sooner have I penned a few lines than I find myself stuck, stranded right there in the midst of a potentially … Continue reading

Back after a weeklong hibernation largely due to a terrible throat infection. Tried a few prescriptions from the remedial menu – Mom’s enthusiastically recommended homoeopathic pills (these white balls look and taste the same to me, no matter what ailment they’re meant for), salt water gargles, Kanthill (Ayurvedic stuff), ginger tea and of course those … Continue reading

Inspiring lines from Learning to Fly, a track by Pink Floyd. One of my all time favorites from the pioneers of psychedelic rock, this is pure poetry put to music.     Learning to flyInto the distance, a ribbon of blackstretched to the point of no turning backa flight of fancy on a wind swept … Continue reading

The day of reckoning Its time for the final charade in the half-a-decade periodic phenomenon, commonly known as the Lok Sabha elections. As counting goes on today throughout this nation – where for once politicians and film stars have usurped front page media-bytes from the men in blue – I wonder what the candidates must … Continue reading

A tongue-in-cheek account of the English Premier League season as it draws to a close (Hey Arvind, I guess you’d agree, do let me know of your nominees in case you don’t).   Team Player of the season: Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Chelsea) Defender of the season: Lauren (Arsenal), his self-goal against Manchester City would have … Continue reading

These are some of my friends who are so very dear to me.   Arvind: My buddy since the past three years. Ally at college quizzes and fellow rebel in defying the college authorities. Together during our college days, we got into hot water with the profs occasionally (I bet he enjoyed it every bit … Continue reading

Turned 23 last Friday. Had a great birthday at the office and also at home with some friends coming over. Guess everyone likes birthdays, that special treatment from parents and siblings, the extra attention from friends. But then there’s also the feeling that you’ve grown a year older and you’re supposed to be more mature … Continue reading