Turned 23 last Friday. Had a great birthday at the office and also at home with some friends coming over. Guess everyone likes birthdays, that special treatment from parents and siblings, the extra attention from friends. But then there’s also the feeling that you’ve grown a year older and you’re supposed to be more mature than before, less impulsive and more reasonable. Man I hate growing up!!!


As I look back on the last year, I realize I’ve changed an awful lot. So many new things discovered, unchartered areas explored and yet there’s so much more to learn, so much more to find out. So much has changed in the past one year. I’m out of college and how I miss it. Remember all my pals and all the great times we had together, with all those sad PJs (Chris – you ruled in this department), the weird nicknames (Rivaldo – yours truly for his antics on the football field, Suleman – Vaibhav, the mediator, Bevda – Arvind, I never figured out why), the clashes on the football field, the petty squabbles for a foul or a freekick, we did have a rocking time then. Made some real good friends and I hope we keep in touch.


This first year after college seems to have brought about a metamorphosis in me. I guess most people go through some transformation in their early twenties. I realize I’ve now gotta fend for myself, that I’ve gotta take on more responsibility. I now see how I am different from the rest, have a fair idea of my talents and vulnerabilities, notice my idiosyncrasies and have learnt to accept them, maybe even laugh at them. I’ve found the answers to some of my questions, yet there are so many more to be resolved. Does God exist? What is the purpose of my existence? Time has mellowed me down. I wonder if there is enough time to do all the things I want to do and if not, then what should I give up?


I know this is a phase, a phase which is an adventure of self-discovery and revelation. I’m enjoying it and I know this will make me a stronger and more determined person.


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