These are some of my friends who are so very dear to me.



My buddy since the past three years. Ally at college quizzes and fellow rebel in defying the college authorities. Together during our college days, we got into hot water with the profs occasionally (I bet he enjoyed it every bit as much as I did), now we share laughs over things others wouldn’t find remotely funny (Jimmy, Angel, Aamir Sohail… the list could go on). At first glance he’d appear to have a devil may care attitude, but probe a little below the surface and you’d find him really conscientious at heart. He’s been the calming influence to me in really tough times with his words of optimism and motivation. Amazingly intuitive and analytical when it comes to interpreting people, I guess he’d make a great counselor. Hey Arvind, ever thought of that as an alternate career?


Amit, Selwyn and Spencer:

Sorry for grouping the three together but there’s just no way of mentioning any one of them without the others. Great pals right since school days, they’ve known me through different phases – in school when I was a tad arrogant and impulsive, in college as we kept discovering ourselves and even now though our different lifestyles do not allow us to meet as frequently as before. Amit, the affable dude, with a mischievous grin that’s so infectious, could endear himself to almost anyone instantaneously. A flamboyant actor also gifted with a fantastic stage presence. Selwyn’s the chap with a head perfectly balanced on his broad shoulders. He’s always at hand to lend a listening ear, though I must admit, his silence can sometimes get boring. Another candid confession: I do envy the way he seems to be in control most of the time. Spencer is undoubtedly the entertainer, the man with the laugh-a-minute gags and his own version of Mithunda’s dancing style. The four of us have such contrasting personalities, yet blend in so easily even if we’ve met after a long time. Together we’ve talked about anything and everything under the sun, be it girls, careers, sports or movies, usually in that order,  .



Brash, in your face, unconventional, staunch feminist and oh yes, abundantly talented. I admire her for her attitude of never caving in to any pressure from whomsoever and sticking to her guns. She’s one of the most hardworking people I have known and I guess I could take a leaf out of her book of time management and scheduling.



The eternal dreamer, the diehard romantic almost detached from reality, that’s Roselyn for you. Definitely one of the most intriguing people I have come across: her theory of perfection (or perfect imperfection) is one thing I’ve yet to come to terms with. Given her opinionated nature, she has a refreshing perspective about most things and I’ve had many an interesting – or should I say vociferous – debate with her. Dominant and attention seeking at times, but also high on creativity and intelligence, her idiosyncrasies – her fascination for Gulmohar trees, for one – never cease to surprise me.


So these are my friends and together they fit into my world making it a vibrant colourful mosaic, each adding his/her own flavour to it.


Psss… I hope all the aforementioned people do read this, I’m waiting for a thank you note from each of them  


3 thoughts on “

  1. Kerubino says:

    I thought i had posted a comment, but then again, I must have been dreaming. Nice to know im one of your good friends, but im romantic only in the 19th century sense of the word, the revolutionary type that believes in the wonders of nature, IM not really the candlelight dinner type, though i doubt i would mind it too much .

  2. priyankamoraes says:

    It is 2.15 am. Sleep is a stranger tonight so was browsing through and somehow am face to face reading something I never knew you had written. Reading the description makes me wonder if am still the same or have I ,like most things and people around me, changed for the worse! (Felt good meeting the old me through your lines. HUGS!)

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