The day of reckoning

Its time for the final charade in the half-a-decade periodic phenomenon, commonly known as the Lok Sabha elections. As counting goes on today throughout this nation – where for once politicians and film stars have usurped front page media-bytes from the men in blue – I wonder what the candidates must be doing. Having a pooja to invoke the gods or pacing up and down with an ever-increasing anxiety or sitting glued to the tube to catch up on the latest poll drama? Guess we could have a reality show about this rigmarole, depicting how Messrs Advani, Sonia et al deal with this last round.


I infer counting will be a lot easier this time with EVMs (electronic voting machines to the ignoramuses) instead of the bulky ballot boxes; and foolproof too, but you never know – some scheming neta may well have found a new mechanism to bungle up with technology. So booth capturing might soon be an obsolete trade giving way to more evolved and less conspicuous forms of chicanery. As Bob Dylan crooned in the 60’s “The times they are a changin’”.


While I’m writing this, I learn the results are coming in and it seems we are in for a star studded Parliament this time: gaudy Govinda, Garam Dharam Paaji and also the ever eloquent Navjot Sidhu – now the debates in Parliament will last longer, rest assured. Hope these celebrities do use their clout in actually doing some work as well.


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