Here’s something i had written a few months ago.

Battling writer’s block

         Every now and then I pick up my pen and start off what I think can make a wonderful story. But no sooner have I penned a few lines than I find myself stuck, stranded right there in the midst of a potentially ‘novel’ story, with no end in sight. Oh my God, it’s the dreaded writer’s block, I fear. What is it with this affliction among writers, which puts us in a tizzy, when the mind is brimming with ideas but the pen just doesn’t seem to run at the same wavelength?

Determined to put all such doubts and queries at rest, I pull out my writing pad and sit at my desk armed with my loyal pen ready to script a brilliant article. A cup of hot tea stands by to rejuvenate those grey cells just in case they’ve become rusty. Then on the virgin sheet of paper the first few words make a tentative entrance: “Sunny glanced at through the dust-covered window at the lone banyan tree which stood outside his house.” Sheesh, such a poor opening. I rip the page off the pad, crumple it into an oval kinda ball – if at all it can be called a ball – and chuck it into the basket at my foot, which I always keep handy in such situations.

Okay, let’s get back to work, I tell myself. Maybe I need to write in a different genre, something which suits my style. So here goes: “Once upon a time, in a land where people had plenty to eat and drink, and disease and ill health were unheard of  …” Now I don’t need a clichéd line like that. This is it. I can’t get a decent opening even for a fairy tale. Another sheet added to the basket, and I now notice the cup of tea which was indeed hot ‘once upon a time’. I take a sip of what now tastes like a sugar supplement and promptly put it away .

My taste buds given a rude shocker, I start again. A whacky idea sprints through my edgy mind and by the time I can put it on paper, it’s gone, just like a splinter which ignites easily but is blown away by the weakest gust of wind. At the end of the whole exercise, I have written 5 stories – a decent achievement except that each tale has not more than two sentences to it. So much for a budding author! 

But looking at the brighter side, at least I’ve got something to work on for the next week . Before that there’s one thing I need to do – get another writing pad soon for this one’s lost more than half its pages to the dustbin.


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  1. Kerubino says:

    Gosh! Do you still have writers block? well, just get over it, stop over analysing your writing, just write and get it over with, I have reloading the page and finding no new entries. you know you write well, just accept it and move on Control your extremely high expectations, just write, write for the pleasure of writing, let the words come out, its okay if you choke on them as you write it, writing should be an expression, it doesnt exactly have to sound like Hemmingway or Shakespeare, You have your own style, Please do stick to it.

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