Back after a weeklong hibernation largely due to a terrible throat infection. Tried a few prescriptions from the remedial menu – Mom’s enthusiastically recommended homoeopathic pills (these white balls look and taste the same to me, no matter what ailment they’re meant for), salt water gargles, Kanthill (Ayurvedic stuff), ginger tea and of course those bitter tablets from the medicine man. Also had a friend suggesting a mix of honey and lemon; wonder how many different therapies might be existing for a sore throat. Now, a week and half a dozen tested remedies later, I think I have recovered through this ordeal; whether I should accredit it to the many concoctions I’ve sampled or to the sheer passage of time is a debatable matter .. . One thing is for sure: I did turn myself into a guinea pig trying to overcome this resilient affliction.


Enrolled for a Java course this weekend, it’s been interesting so far and I’m glad my programming concepts are still good even though I’ve not done any coding for quite some time now. Besides, it’s also good to learn something new, more so for the experimenter that I am. It’s kept me busy as well; though I must say I miss being with my pals at Rameshwar. This is a humble sugarcane juice stall where we’ve been hanging out lately. It’s great fun being there in the evenings especially when it rains, munching on hot vada pavs, watching the raindrops leisurely slide down the banyan tree outside, people walking back home dodging the muddy slush that’s typical of most places here.


Now this walking in the rain without painting your backside with wet brown spots is an art in itself. Most Mumbaikars have mastered it with experience. And to the uninitiated here’s how to do it: pinch the sides of your trousers and pull them up a few inches. Then move forward stepping only on your toes. Caution: Do not in any condition ground your heels or the whole exercise may be wasted. Repeat this procedure whenever you encounter a puddle. I have always tried this whenever I’m out on a rainy day, albeit with 0 % success … 


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