Must admit the tube has been a huge factor behind my hiatus from this space. It's been a great fortnight for all sportslovers: Euro 2004 has been a revelation and so has Wimbledon, this year being the swansong for the charismatic Goran Ivanisevic. Coming back to Euro 2004, some of the group matches have been … Continue reading

First days at school The month of June always reminds me of the first day of the academic year at school. School would reopen in the second week of the month with Mass celebrated by our principal. I remember waiting keenly for the mass to get over soon, impatient as I was to meet my … Continue reading

It’s rather intriguing but I can’t help feeling disconnected these days. Each time I’m out with people, it appears as if there is this vacuum between them and me. I stand cocooned, crafting my gestures and body language to insulate the chaos of thoughts which perennially occupy my mind. I live marooned in my own … Continue reading