The transmutations of time

Your faint outline obscured by the fog
The voice is drowned by the barking dog.
Whatever happened to you my friend?
Did you take an unknown bend?

Your face is white, is it a blur?
The words jangle, seem like a slur.
Your feet don’t seem to take your weight,
Didn’t people let you settle in their state?

Did they let you sleep in the garden
On cold, lonely, wintry nights?
Did they leave you at the phone
While they went out to fly their kites?
Did they tell you that the game was over?
Did they tell you that the cock had crown?
Did they tell you about the cooling embers?
Did they tell you how you had grown?

Your gasping breath filled the silent air
Yet I couldn’t lighten your wares.
I’m sorry if I didn’t hear your cry
I’m sorry if I couldn’t see you fly
I had to build my own channel
While you were searching for your own sky.

And now when we meet again
The times seem different, now and then
Each standing out against the other
Like yellow roses on a tinted pane.
How time catalyzed that tenderness
Into grim indifference I’ll never know
We’re still the same as we were before
Sans that exuberant, youthful glow.


4 thoughts on “The transmutations of time

  1. live_dont_exist says:

    nice wurk buddy..tho u sure u didnt mix third person and first person in the third n fourth verse..othrwise the idea is pretty gud..just guessing…u referring 2 sum1 specific???…mebbe rong sunday..cuming???

  2. Max_Taurean says:

    Yeh boy, for once ur guess is wrong.. no allusions to anyone specific.btw y the hell didnt ya tell me abt ur blog, i see u have spared nuthing whipping pattu and me, gotta get back for that.and hey ill defnitly see ya’ll on sunday.

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