First days at school

The month of June always reminds me of the first day of the academic year at school. School would reopen in the second week of the month with Mass celebrated by our principal. I remember waiting keenly for the mass to get over soon, impatient as I was to meet my classmates after a good two month hiatus. Later we’d have an assembly on the school lawns which would be sprouting fresh tender green shoots – much like the horde of students all enthusiastic to start a new year – with the advent of the monsoon. The sweet smell of wet soil lingered in the air as Fr. Principal would begin with his trademark opening “My dear boys and girls…” and then continue his speech which in most cases was a paraphrase of his sermon earlier in church. The tone of his voice indicated he was indeed oblivious to how much attention he received from young minds like me, who were waiting to break out of the lethargy induced by a vacation a tad too long. Gradually his tenor would taper off to a drone and a few minutes and a thousand words later we were through, ready to kick-start another year of fun and excitement, of making new friends, of playing impish pranks, and of course in between all that we studied a little too.


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