One night stand 

Two bodies, nay souls, unite
Twisting manoeuvres bathed with lust
All disguise torn apart
Flung casually onto the floor.
Searing passions ebb through the night
Soon to be eclipsed before the advent
Of the yellow globe.
But for now
Mumbling moans collide and magnify
Climaxing into a crescendo
Then brake to a silent halt.
Rushed on by the orgasmic kayo
They roll off into deep slumber
Her chest beating to the rhythm
Of his deep baritone snore.

Tomorrow will bring a new face
Another charm to plug the void
Of a perfect love amiss.
Compensated by the frenzy
With an unknown lover
Exchanging a flavorless kiss
Bleached of emotion.


3 thoughts on “One night stand 

  1. live_dont_exist says:

    interesting pome dude…n diffrnt 4m ur normal style…chill…dats ok 2…but this is quite drastically diffrnt…glad u tuk a real subject 2 write upon tho…if i undrstnd correctly( i hope)…its a 1 night stand ur talkin abt???…if not…gud gud…keep writin..n dunt try n write on diffrnt subjs just 4 the sake…let it comeeeeeeeeeee like this…lol..cya

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