Hey Janie, go easy on the pork. Don’t you know how to hold the fork? Those spaghetti strings on your shoulder Have gotta look good tomorrow too. Another prom with the same old songs But a different wuss to woo. Hey Janie, take care to mind your ways Will you disprove your Mama’s praise? Don’t … Continue reading Ostentations


Strange how I tend to get philosophical when things aren't really all that fine, its as if i'm trying to see some reason in the morass of confusion which clouds my mind, striving to rein in my errant ways. The poem below is just a vague manifestation of one these moods which frequently engulf me. … Continue reading Dive

Been busy at work, trying to cope with a few hindrances – an egoistic boss whose critical attitude is matched only by his cynicism, and a superlatively lethargic colleague who regards procrastination as his motto. In spite of all my desperate efforts, I see my enthusiasm peter off thanks to these obstacles, though I must … Continue reading