Been busy at work, trying to cope with a few hindrances – an egoistic boss whose critical attitude is matched only by his cynicism, and a superlatively lethargic colleague who regards procrastination as his motto. In spite of all my desperate efforts, I see my enthusiasm peter off thanks to these obstacles, though I must say Venky (that’s my boss) is really creative and could have been a good mentor if only he had been endowed with a more liberal dose of empathy and patience. But reality isn’t always so simple, so for now I have to bravely withstand the steady censuring barrage of criticism hurled at me.

The misnomer
Noticed that though my nickname reads ‘The Utopian’, there’s barely anything that can be termed as utopian. Every person (that includes myself), every thing around has some fault, something amiss. I wonder why I have this obsession with things being perfect and faultless, and why I expect everything that I do to have no glitches (that none of my work is blemishless is another matter altogether). I wish I could understand Kerubino’s theory of perfect imperfection though it seems conveniently idealist and encourages escapism. But I conjecture happiness is the ultimate goal of life and every person charts out his own route to it.

Pride and Prejudice
Hooked on to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice at the moment. While Austen did regale me occasionally with her intermittent cynicisms, the book in its entirety has been a drag – I’m still on page 84 after almost a week. I guess classics (??) don’t really appeal to my taste with their verbose narrative: I find myself backtracking through every third line… okay that’s an exaggeration but honestly an edited version of this long-drawn novel wouldn’t have been half as long as the original.


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  1. live_dont_exist says:

    well…utopia duznt xist..atleast it duznt coz evrythng is real brutally real..n evry1 do hav a load of crap filld in evrything they du..n im not exaggerating…so its tuf 2 try n shine the glass on the mirror n make it speak the words u want it 2 say..n make it reveal only those nuances of u which u want 2 c..n 4get the boss..ill tell u y latr…and as 4 “perfect imperfection”….yups dats the way 2 go..coz nuthin u du cn be perfct…the whole thing is they say…”beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”…but seriously…u luk at urself 2??….dont u??…lol..thinkkkkkkkkk

  2. TheMephistophelian says:

    Utopia, Atlantis and the various other places and proverbs exist, cause people wanted them to be real. The men wanted such things to be a reality in their future.
    Utopia does exist!!! The world we are living in right now, is Utopia, for the person who would have wanted computers and wireless gadgets to be a parcel of daily life!   

  3. TheMephistophelian says:

    You think Pride And Prejudice is a task! Try Reading “Les Misreables” by Victor Hugo. It’s daunting that’s what it is. It a 2 book series on the lesser mortals of the society. The description of a preacher goes on for 20 to 25 pages whose role in the movie (I saw the movie :D, couldn’t continue with the book) lasts for 15 to 20 SECONDS.

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