Strange how I tend to get philosophical when things aren’t really all that fine, its as if i’m trying to see some reason in the morass of confusion which clouds my mind, striving to rein in my errant ways.
The poem below is just a vague manifestation of one these moods which frequently engulf me.

A free spirit takes the plunge
A lively wedge scythes through the air
A rapid escape from the safety above
To a new world with watery snares.

Reality ebbs away into oblivion
Like objects in the mirror of a speeding car
The wet film parts to welcome the soul
Cooling waves embrace the blazing drive,
Farewell to boredom, the dream’s alive.

Spurred on by the quest for a new abode
Delving to explore unknown depths
Instinct the only guide,
Knowledge the only goal,
Adventure the only companion.
A fearless, untainted soul
Unfazed by the lurkings in the trench
Unblinded by the gloomy chasms
Swims further to quench its zeal.
A domain devoid of the golden glow
No hindrance to the exuberant flow
Of the seeker, his fervour undimmed
Some day when he’s seen it all
He’ll sneer at the sun, standing tall.


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