Another of my sporadic entries

No excuses to hide behind this time around… I’ve just been too lazy to write in the past fortnight… though I must say there’s hardly been anything to write about.

Just played a few games of Scrabble ( with a bloke whose vocabulary seemed limited to weird two and three letter words….. qi, ai, xu, qat, suq… words that dont exist in the dictionary but are all valid in this game. Right now, my bleary eyes overcome with that all too familiar somnolent feeling tell me its time to get to bed… man its been a long day!! racking brains the whole day over a program, gawd!!! The computer is really a dumb machine, you gotta tell it exactly what it has to do in each case!! And to think people compare Shakuntala Devi to a computer. How demeaning!!!

So long till my next post.


One thought on “

  1. TheMephistophelian says:

    These articles of yours, are more than just blogs, these should actually go as chapters or passages in your biography.
    And, hello!!! Duh! Computers have always been dumb. But one day these are going to be equipped with a human body and feelings and the works. It would be as good as human, but just not !!!

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