Another one turns 23!
Just back from Amit’s place.. twas his birthday today – oops!! yesterday to be precise – was sort of a reunion with a coupla school friends, its amazing how we still have the same wavelengths even though I dont really meet them as frequently as before. Yet we still laugh at the same jokes, narrate the same anecdotes which sound funny to no one but us.. probably would still laugh at the same stories a decade later too… and even then they would seem just as fresh as the last summer gone by… yeah we all need a bunch of buddies like these… with whom you can bum around, talk truckloads of crap, actually just wind down… forget for a while that we have grown up… behave like brattish 16 year olds, might be just for a few hours but who cares!!

Thanks Amit, and once again happy birthday pal!!! Selwyn, you’re next!


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