On the Ball

Hey there, be careful don’t drop the ball

You’ve gotta go on, answer your call.

Dribble past the hordes and forge ahead

Steer yourself to a peak no one’s ever tread.

The bookies might not favour your odds

And your fans presume the game is lost

But persevere my friend don’t give it away

The goalpost there beckons your way.

Don’t heave a sigh, don’t be slow

Don’t wait for the sun’s next morning glow.

For as the grass grows under your feet

And the rainbow migrates to a different street

Your skills might not be the same

Your feet might crumble under the strain.

Now is the only time you can score

Win laurels from your tribes galore.

Stay firm, stay true and face the test

I hope one day you’ll be the best.


One thought on “On the Ball

  1. live_dont_exist says:

    HMM…fairly gud but a bit predictable dude..i mean ur call…but uve bin on this topic 4 sum time now..n u kno wat…im not accusing u or nythin..but u need 2 luk at urself 4m time 2 time…n c if urlivin up 2 wat u say..keep writing…n on the upside…its a nice pome..but no raves 4m me…lol

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