“Look Mama, there’s a hole in the sky”
Sheer joy enveloped his eyes
“There’s so much more I see,
A snow white horse on a galloping spree.”

“Now don’t let him idle away,
He needs to learn his ABCs”
So they packed him off to school,
Didn’t matter that he was just three.
Letters and numbers in a careful hand
slowly replaced a scrawling freehand.

Months later she asked him again
“Son, what do you see in the sky?”
Johnie looked up and said, “Nothing Ma,
Just a few cottony clouds, all plain and white.”


One thought on “Rushed

  1. blind_aesthete says:

    Somehow the poem above reminded me of this one…its called A Child’s Vision!
    My child took  a crayon
    in her little hand
    and started to draw as if
    by command.
    I looked on with pleasure
    But couldn’t  foresee
    what the few simple lines
    were going to be.
    “What are you drawing ???”
    I asked by & by
    “I’m making a picture
    of God in the sky”.
    “But nobody knows
    What God looks like” , I sighed .
     “They will when I’m finished”
    She calmly replied.

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