The green’s bleached from jaded leaves
Veins wrinkle their autumn face
Nothing lasts forever,
Black gives way to grey
Then swallowed by snowy white.
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise
A dog chasing its own tail
The clock ticks another arc
Another year under the bark.

Men of grime, works of crime
Smudge out fairies and princes
Concealed in long-forgotten scripts
An angelic mind snared by its own findings
Now stands blinded
By all that knowledge shows
Aware and alert
Of all that the wind blows.
A toddler trapped in a six foot cell
Experience gained, adrenalin reined.

Where have they led me now
Ages away from that impish mate
I see him waving out his hand
Farewell or invite, I’ll never know
Unkempt locks bask in the sun
The cherub, part hidden by the glow
His hands cupped around sand castles
Oblivious to the waves creeping in.
Little friend of mine, I want to build that castle too
I would trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday.
And escape from this adopted skin, back to that pristine land
Of a gay nonchalance, running bare
Unaware, unguarded.


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