This is a short story. I'm looking for some honest feedback. The Maestro - IThe 50-year-old piano seemed to fill the small room with its enormity. A violin lay in a corner as if condemned to obscurity by its more conspicuous cousin. A single bed with clothes strewn all over it cramped the remainder of … Continue reading

The Maestro - II The curtains parted and the spotlight fell on a thin bearded man hunched over a piano. The theater was packed to its capacity, with the audience a potpourri of the city’s literati, the maestros, the pseudo-intellects, and the wannabes. They had all heard about the pianist and his music, discussed him … Continue reading

Paradise City Come back birdie to your perch On this old ignored steeple And look how they hurry In their quest for a million reams Chasing a bazillion dreams This heart of Paradise City Insomniated for the purse No guilt, no remorse No pastures for the hungry sheep To laze away in repose. The wheel … Continue reading


Yesterday Is now embedded in the frame Locked away behind the hours An ancestor for our today. Yesterday A rose in full bloom Lost its virgin fragrance To a parched fleeting ray. Yesterday We stole glances Across the fence and now You’ve got another spade. Yesterday A spark sprang into stagnant air Scratched around to … Continue reading Yesterday