Attempted murder

Ashu looked at the man facing him. He had liked him before, but despised him now. It had to be done; the fellow’s faults were incorrigible. He raised his gun and fired a shot. Some splinters flew and he fainted, his hand still clutching the gun.

The next week Ashu’s family visited him at the mental asylum. Back home, the broken mirror was getting a new pane.


So near yet so far

There she was, calm and unaffected by the loneliness that surrounded her. Physics told him opposites attract. So he kept running around her in circles, hoping she’d take notice and they’d meet someday. No one told him the union was impossible: he was the sole electron and she the only proton in a hydrogen atom.


Broke away
From the orbit
Steering into outer space
Bruised a knee
Grazed some skin.
Walked on
Through the web
Reached a dead end
Hammered away
Found no way
To the origin
Of the big bang
Sought a new arc,
A different ellipse
Around the sun
Struggling to get away
From the black hole
Catching up at the tail,
Staring at the fiery sun
As it melts down my wings
But can’t ebb my desire,
A need to fly untamed
Unshackled from all chains.
I’m broken and torn
But not dead and buried
Searching for a path
To live my creed.

Youth Runs
Youth runs
Wild, untempered
In fields sprayed with sunbeams
Shining off elegant tresses
That dodge the wind while it
Runs through the plain
He matches pace with fleeting hares
Birds streaming through blue skies
Watch in awe as
Youth runs.

Two microfiction pieces. Microfiction is a genre of storytelling with all the elements of a short story in a Winzipped form.


Mark stared at the carnage Richard had unleashed upon him. Only four of his able men had survived Richard’s attacks – too small a number to challenge the might of his nemesis. “I give up, you’ve got me this time,” he mumbled extending his hand to Richard, “in just 21 moves!”


He leaned towards her, she closed her eyes. She clenched her fists as he entered her, making her body quiver with his violent thrust.
It was all over within a minute. “Susie, we should’ve done this months ago”, said the dentist, and placed her stained brown molar on his plate.