I hope you never lose the child within
When you walk out in the restless world
I hope you never stop asking
Even if your questions seem unheard
May you ever have that spring in your stride
And that wild glint in your eyes
May you keep running
Like a gazelle on the open plain
And live joyously
Like the child dancing in the rain
May you stay wild in your bliss
Nay your sight be blinded by the mist
May you race ahead of the stars
And rest on lofty mountain tops
May the sun never dim your glow
Or the wind break your march
May your colour never fade
Or your knees sink to the ground
I hope you are just the same
When we meet next time around.


2 comments on “

  1. Nice write…get a feeling ur referring to someone or something here..or is the entire pome a rhetorical directed at the self?..

  2. Max_Taurean says:

    yup, this one was directed more towards others, especially my friends.

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