The brighter side

For an old friend:

It’s been years since we last met
Even though we’ve never parted
Yet there’s a divide between our minds
With no bridge across the abyss.

We create our own universe
In our hearts, beautiful and pure,
Just like children do
Without fear or boredom or pain.

That’s the way it goes I thought
But the rules have melted away
And age has perhaps iced your fire
Work is now a four-letter word,
Passion lost, feeble desire.

Where has the fervour gone, my friend?
When did you drench your soul
In the ocean of monotony?
Trading your unbounded joy
For these chains that comfort you,
Settled for the common average
Miles lower than your mean.

The sand has dripped, you turn the glass
And watch restlessly for an hour more
Trudging along on the track,
Just to catch up with number four.

I wonder if you need this race,
I don’t think you love the pace.
When will you drop the facade
And clear the haze you are in?
There are heroes around if you look
Not just poor souls washed down the brook.


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