Momentary Solace

This moment that I am with you
Is transient like the morning dew,
We will roll back into our worlds again,
Flying away with our thoughts.

Is this momentary solace enough
For all the miles we will walk apart?
Is the flame bright enough
To guide us through the dark?


Sand through my fingers

You slipped by
Like sand through my fingers
Even faster than the grains of time,
Now you are scattered over the plains
Far beyond where my eyes can go,
Your scent is lost with the wind
It never stayed back for a moment;
Silently I feel your touch
That never left my side,
Yet I know you have drifted afar,
Seeking your own star,
Searching your own light,
As the sand gets washed off the shore.

The deadening silence

This dim silence which surrounds me
Is this what you call the melody of the night?
Is this order your sanity?
Is this darkness your guiding light?

You box me in, you nail me down,
My madness you have in chains so it couldn’t run free;
Tell me, what was it you feared the most?
Losing your shell, or me running through your walls?

This melody that trapped you into your cage,
Silenced your anger, and killed your rage,
This silence that has become your skin,
Has it eaten all the madness within?

I look at you,
And there’s but a trace of all that you were,
Your soul, did they bleach it dry,
And hang it inside out
Till the eccentric in you dripped away?