So far

It’s been some time now,
When we met, your fingers spoke of longing,
Of a desire that had begun to transform
From mere glances to living breath;
Your tresses, soaked with my words, shivered as if they had been tickled
As hands dodged, and then sought each other under the coffee table.

Our youth poured out in bursts
Ebbing and flowing, flowing and ebbing,
Like a tide vacillating between obedience and irreverence.
One morning, the ocean was turbulent,
It seemed the tide would never ebb – It has stayed calm ever since.

Coffee mugs and words have inertia,
They stay back;
Touch, though, is fleeting
As if it is rushed by time,
Even a kiss is short-lived
For tongues have to retreat into travelers
And learn a new language in a new world.


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