From smiles to knives

Tear me, from head to toe,
Dissect my limbs,
And let my blood gush on to the streets
I won’t say a word, I can’t,
For what can one say
When hugs and high fives
Are exchanged for swords and knives?

Accuse me of crimes I have not committed,
Colour my name with slander,
Hammer my tongue
Until it seems
Like it would say manipulative words;
Words that I haven’t spoken,
Words that the wind hasn’t heard,
Words that ring in your head,
While memories of smiles and laughs
Fade behind speeding jibes and barbs.

Strip me,
Deepen my scars,
Throw missiles at me that I can’t defend,
Not once, but several times over and over again,
Attack me with enemies I can’t see,
Perhaps enemies that exist in no world but yours,
Blame me for having weapons I have never known,
Maybe handshakes are now turning into stone.

Do whatever you can,
Try to break my spirit,
Try to douse me in malice,
I would dust the specks off my collar,
I would take your blows on the chin,
And when you are done with the final punch,
I would look you in the eye, and say
“Is this all you can throw at me?”
I hope your eyes will then meet mine.

My friend,
I hope I helped you live.
I hope you remain, just as I do,


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