Freewheeling feet

When feet burn with a restless thirst,
And eyes invigorated by sleepless nights
Dance with enigmatic smiles.
Boredom dusted off the shoulder,
Fades into a distant speck.
With logic and reason
Crumpled into paper balls
And tucked away into the corner of a shelf.
The leash of routine snapped
With apathetic unconcern;
The wandering soul has no relief
While insanity tugs at the sleeve
And the world struggles to catch up
Chained to its peripheral needs.

And while I walk away,
I feel like a child again.
Armed with a sack on the shoulders,
And even though the snow covers the hill,
Wrapping it in its shroud,
My feet sing a new song,
My sight undimmed, no road is too long.

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