The Lewis Carroll effect

Have been reading Alice in Wonderland. I guess the influence had to show in this poem.

The chameleon
The chameleon’s a reptile weird,
Now I don’t mean he has a beard,
His crimes are of a kind more grim,
Hold on, you’ll soon know all his whims.

His tongue he can’t seem to hold,
In spite of several folds and rolls.
Maybe it fights inside his mouth,
Till at a mantis it’s let out.

He’s fickle when he has to pick
A shade with whom he would stick,
I truly hope he paints himself,
He’d spend a fortune on someone else.

Yet he is not completely mad
Even though I’ve made him look so bad,
He has an empathetic side
Under that colour-changing hide.

He knows the value of freedom,
So in his infinite wisdom,
He gives a free rein to his eyes,
While one eye strolls, the other flies.

Time tied to his leisurely tail,
He makes it waltz in his slow trail,
While the world steps up on its pace,
He still lives in a previous age.


In my dreams

In my dreams, I’ve seen you
pick pebbles from the shores we’ve walked;
And with your frail arms you’ve aimed
those little stones at the stars.

In my dreams, I’ve seen you,
running around a baffled sun,
tying a ribbon around its yellow girth
in the envious silence
of a million other celestial beacons.

In my dreams, I’ve heard you
teach children the melody of the universe;
Their buck-toothed laughter wrapped
in your dog-toothed smile,
Their faces glistening in your eyes.

In my dreams, I heard you
talk to strangers and flowers.
I saw you listen to friends and stones,
and soon,
shades of darkness died
in the colour of morning.

In my dreams, I ran with you on the shore,
Wet sands between naked toes,
The wind could not keep pace with us,
so we stopped and lay down.
And as the waves drew near,
I could hear three sounds resonate,
The breath of you, me and the sea.