When the earth was renewed

What were you doing
when the sky, in its generosity,
showered the pallid earth
with a spurt of life?

Were you
planting stones
and hoping
for a harvest of grain?

Were you asleep
when the moon
was reborn after the eclipse?
What did you see in your dreams?
Was it a black and white rainbow,
parched of all colour?

Did you catch
a glimpse of the kites soaring
with glitzy tails on their trail?
Or were you too busily
drowned in your chores,
Blind enough to notice
That the world was losing its skin,
and was being painted
in a new shade of green?

Did you fail to see
that yesterday’s sky
had been crumpled and thrown away
into a forgotten corner of the universe?
Did you hear the trees
rustle with a brand new tune,
or were you lost
in the cacophony of routine?

Did you sit in a vacuum
when the earth
was being replenished
with a fresh new breath of life?


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