Aye aye, Qureshi

Saw Bopanna and Qureshi go down at the US Open last night. Great game by the Asians, and a brave speech by Qureshi. Inspired me to pen a few lines.


Not us anymore

We stand together,
Isolated on this side of the fence,
You see the barbed wire crossing our faces.
This mesh that’s tied us in,
Yes, the one you made
To mark our sins,
To chain our hearts,
To tie our hands,
For the crimes of those
Who’d nested on our land,
And conspired to destroy, to annihilate.
But no, they were never our own,
Why then do you use the hot iron
to brand our shoulders with their crimes?

You morph our faces,
you snip our tongues,
you smoke us out of our homes,
You parade us on the street.
We can only look at you,
eyeball to eyeball.
Tell us, can you?


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