Fishbowl World

From the bowl it eyes
People bloated by the glass,
Fingers drop in worms.

I look at the sky
And wonder if right now I
Am in a fishbowl.

The goldfish and me,
Are we in a larger pond?
Is our earth a speck?

Does our universe
Adorn a tiny corner
Of someone’s big world?



I have walked
Chained to the ground,
Searching for a moment
To swim out of the earth,
And somersault into the sky.

I have run
Floating above grass and stone,
Rushing past snoring nights,
In the company of bats and stars,
Guided by my restless eye.

I have flown,
Mesmerised by a cloud;
Of the slabs of rain
That accompanied me.

And now I soar
On sun-kissed winds,
My soul weightless,
And I a few miles
Closer to the sun.



The stars watch lazily from the sky
While the clock speeds away,
Moments slipping through my fingers
Remind me this night too will fade.

The spade waits to be picked again
While I rest on the dewy grass.
Get up son, it seems to say,
Morning will gallop in, in a few hours.

Wait, O starry night,
Don’t run if you can walk,
Let the stars drench me with their light,
Let my shoulders bear no weight
Till the sun has come back
To whisper in my sleeping ears.

I wish to wallow in my youth
Before daybreak calls me
To wipe the dust off my feet
And get back to the path half trod.

Now that I am young,
And my sight clear like the dewdrops,
O night, let me soak in your beauty,
Let me blindfold the clock.


Today as I walked out through the door,
The city ebbed away from me
And my feet yearned for home.
So while the train snaked its way,
A part of me broke free from myself,
Swam back home, kicked off its shoes,
And settled itself in a corner,
Safe in the warmth of my mother’s arms.

At around the same time the train moved,
And I found myself in another city.