The stars watch lazily from the sky
While the clock speeds away,
Moments slipping through my fingers
Remind me this night too will fade.

The spade waits to be picked again
While I rest on the dewy grass.
Get up son, it seems to say,
Morning will gallop in, in a few hours.

Wait, O starry night,
Don’t run if you can walk,
Let the stars drench me with their light,
Let my shoulders bear no weight
Till the sun has come back
To whisper in my sleeping ears.

I wish to wallow in my youth
Before daybreak calls me
To wipe the dust off my feet
And get back to the path half trod.

Now that I am young,
And my sight clear like the dewdrops,
O night, let me soak in your beauty,
Let me blindfold the clock.


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