The Software Coder

What do the techies out there say about this?

The software coder sits at his desk all day
Even as a stubborn bug stands in his way,
Throughs ifs and elses, and ors and ands
He wades through struggling to run his commands.

His eyes are sunken, he looks like stone
He’s stayed so long at work, even his stubble has grown,
Juggling bits and bytes, he’s had no rest,
Ah, the fix has failed a regression test.

The world outside now feels like an illusion,
This stubborn bug seems like eternal damnation,
Walking, eating, dating, it torments him,
He’s stretched and torn by the battle within.

One Sunday morning, after a week,
When his chances have gone from thin to bleak,
The Eureka moment strikes with all its might,
Mr. Coder has a solution to end his plight.

He waits nervously through the day, itching
To show off his elegant solution,
Surely, Mr. Pandit will spot his genius this time,
The accolades and the raise are on the line.

All excited, he logs in at work,
An email from Pandit (who else) interrupts,
“That bug, we don’t have to fix it anymore,
I need to assign you more vital chores.”

The software coder sits at his desk today,
Even as another stubborn bug stands in his way.


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