Sometimes words pour out from random corners, Colliding and merging, or morphing and searing, They fly faster than I can talk, Or sometimes even think, And without a neuron stretched, The page fills up with verse. And yet there are times when The sheet is empty just like my head, As if letters have switched … Continue reading Erratic


A wave of stones and bricks has hit my glass roof, There are cracks but I still hold on. I try to assemble myself With the words I scattered over the years; Words that were chosen with care, Polished and pruned Lie orphaned in a corner, Still resilient to the sound of the mayhem outside. … Continue reading Resilient


So you’ve come back from another town. I see your face painted with an eternally grim frown as if nothing’s right in the world, or perhaps in the immediate world around you. Your words, soaked in anger, do not spare a soul. Souls whose trepidation you see and yet not notice, as if you sit … Continue reading Transitions