A wave of stones and bricks has hit my glass roof,
There are cracks but I still hold on.
I try to assemble myself
With the words I scattered over the years;
Words that were chosen with care,
Polished and pruned
Lie orphaned in a corner,
Still resilient to the sound of the mayhem outside.

While the rest were playing in the rain,
I chose to build my monument with these words;
For long, it withstood the rain and the sun,
What chance does it stand against rock though?
I wonder as the cracks get wider,
Did I waste precious time?

The stones keep pelting,
I realise there’s nothing I can do
To stop the barrage;
You can’t stop the rain, I hear me telling myself,
You can’t stand here
Watching your masterpiece being shredded.

So I get up, wear my shoes,
And work on another monument,
Weaving it with newfound words.



2 comments on “Resilient

  1. murisopsis says:

    I feel that way when one of my sculptures is broken…

  2. Max_Taurean says:

    @murisopsis – Must be one terrible feeling.

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