How would you feel?
If you had dreams like I do,
If you could hear the colour blue,
If you didn’t have to live
A life cast in their mould,
If you had unearthed a new vein of gold.

How would you feel?
If you stepped out of the assembly line,
If you found, like I did,
That the horizon was no boundary,
That the template was a lie,
That you could pierce the veneer of convention,
And walk out to a new day.

What would you do?
If you had gulped the morning rays,
And entrapped by the light,
You too wanted to dip a finger in the sun.
If you found that reality
Was a curtain pulled over your eyes,
What would you do?

I think you would feel
Just as restless as I do,
Perhaps, you would choose
To put off growing up to another day,
Or another month or year,
And let time drift
While clouds made shapes in the sky,
While moonlight dripped down into your window,
While mornings slept lazily on the grass,
And lay unmoved while the afternoon sauntered in.

Perhaps, you would care a little less
About the sand getting into your shoes,
Or the wind gushing against your face,
And you would then just…
into the arms of nowhere.


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