To those who believe faith is above reason.

The face has been patched now
The stitches don’t show,
It’s easy to blend in
When the hemlines have been ripped away.

I wear your beliefs,
Learn to inhale,
To the rhythm of your chaos.
I speak to the ground
And claim to have found
The path to redemption.

So what do we do next?
Build a wall around our home
And pretend to not have heard
The rumble of the volcano outside
As reason gets slaughtered and roasted?


3 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. Suchitra says:

    malcccccc!!! loved rhythm of your chaos 🙂 for the rest of it malcc cud u temme de refernce book :)….awaesomeeeee work malccccccc

  2. Max_Taurean says:

    @murisopsis – Thanks. I did write this to make people think about faith and reason 🙂@Suchitra – Such, the last time I used a reference book was during my engineering degree 😉 Thanks for the comment, and yes, I loved ‘rhythm of your chaos’ too.

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