There are remnants of you in here. The taste of your voice lies undiluted, pervading the air. Sometimes, in the dead of the night, when the crickets have stopped their night-time chat the walls throw your echoes at me. And I had thought your voice had dissolved in the summer or twisted and muffled … Continue reading Remnants


The wings of my heart take it to places where everything I see tells me your name. Wherever I go, Every tree has your face covered in its leaves, Every bird has a song whose verses seek you You have magnetized all of them, I was not alone. They look for you just as I … Continue reading Seek


The rain teases the earth, and sprinkles on it feathers with a miserly abundance, careful not to disrupt the reticulated cracks in the midst of their siesta in the fields. A seed, left forgotten, waits to uncurl itself into a seedling. A girl, her feet covered with wanderlust, looks at the raindrops, And wonders if … Continue reading Showers