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I lie in bed, wooing sleep,
But she is a finicky lover.
She ignores my moves,
the way I turn sides restlessly
like the earth drenched in summer
waits for the night.

I wonder
if she thinks I need a new lover,
Or worse still,
if she has found another.


5 comments on “Insomnia

  1. murisopsis says:

    This is a delightful description of insomnia!  Great job!

  2. ellie1945 says:

    Described perfectly….Wonderful post!!

  3. Max_Taurean says:

    Thank you, Val and Eloise:)

  4. ZSA_MD says:

    Beautiful. Yeah that SLEEP, she is a slut. Insomnia and I have known each other for decades. When I am in bed she sits on the side and watches me. Vagrant night!

  5. lanney says:

    Sleep, like my muse, is a fickle seductress. She woos you until you’re desperate for her, then flees, laughing.

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