I found you in the lap of the river
Flowing freely, lacking form.

I tried to hold you in my palm,
but my fingers were not watertight,
and all they gathered was the debris of my thoughts.

So I waited for you to turn around,
and return against the flow
while the river, fed by the valley, widened her girth,
and the mountains dissolved into bread crumbs.

I grew weary,
and even the sun seemed to leave behind a shadow.

Sometimes the twilight would mould a fleeting statue of you.

Sometimes I would see your footprints
sprinkled in the woods,
and follow them until they disappeared
into the burrows of rabbits.

I realized you had embraced obscurity.
And then while on the brink of despair,
I found a grain of you left behind on the river bank.

I planted the grain
and nurtured it.

The harvest tasted like sour wine.


3 thoughts on “Residue

  1. TutelageOfTheMundane says:

    The last line made me frown, which I think was the intended effect.There’s an interesting sound pattern if you changed “without form” to “lacking form.” It plays up the liquid sounds, which is cool given the aquatic imagery.

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