When today buries itself
and burns these memories,
which leaves will you pick to form our jigsaw puzzle?

Tell me,
will our fingers circle the edge of the mountain again?

Tomorrow comes all at once, never in bits
Yesterdays hide in lonely pits.

Stars swim in the sky, avoiding collisions.
Sometimes they fly down to the earth,
making love to the atmosphere.

There’s a meteorite heading our way,
Let’s jump on it and blaze to the earth.

The crater will have our name.


One thought on “Meteorite

  1. Suchitra Chandran says:

    Malc Malc malc 🙂 🙂

    ya its the reading spree
    “Stars swim in the sky, avoiding collisions.” its super awww 😀 dunno wat about it but theres something to it 😀
    This one really needed a comment ya..cant believe nobod took the time out to write have mine malc ..dont u worry 🙂

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