The dragonfly

With his twisted rhymes and grammar and nonsensical words, Ogden Nash remains one of the most humorous poets I have read. His poems inspire me to indulge in some light poetry every now and then. Here’s one fresh from the oven.

The dragonfly is one great liar
It ain’t a dragon, ain’t got any fire.
Its buzz is pedestrian, scrawny his frame,
Wonder what prompted such a menacing name.

A nymph they call it when it’s an infant,
The food chain doesn’t think it’s a giant.
It can neither scare nor intimidate
Yes it’s a humble invertebrate.

Hope’s not lost,
for it does have a lethal side;
It preys on its ilk with pride.
Flies, bees, ants or wasps
Are all devoured when within its grasp.

Some confuse it with the damselfly,
It’s hard to understand how and why.
What do damsels and dragons share?
One entices, the other flares.

If of this species I was a creature,
I would certainly be cross with nature,
And ask why I deserved this skeletal shape
Or the misplaced nomenclature.


3 thoughts on “The dragonfly

  1. ZSA_MD says:

    Wonderful Malcom. Such a good read. I associate dragonflies with rain. at least that’s what we were told by the maids at home. I love looking at them.

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