Aamir, you stole my limelight


Yes yes, I am angry with Aamir Khan. Who isn’t?
I’ll tell you my reasons.

But before that I must confess,
nowadays I am also in deep confusion.
Why these TV people are following the film stars?
There are so many other people no?
Why they listen to Aamir only?
Arre baba, you know all those things he said that day,
I myself have said that to my wife several times for years,
Should we leave the country and migrate to Kaneda?
Or to the London?

Why, even my neighbour Sharmaji has similar thoughts no.
That D’cruz even has a plan to settle in the Middle East or New Zealand or Australia.

Why these news reporters are not putting us on TV then?
For years, we have been saying and doing what this Aamir’s wife has thought of now.
Why journalists are not coming to us?

Why they are going to this traitor?
The damn rascal has even stolen our idea.
And just no credit for us.

You know,
I can tell you which other places we can move out to:
America, France, maybe even Germany.
I hear Antartica has very little population. It will become popular migration target soon.
So much better living conditions in these places,
and we can make quick buck too.

Okay, what?
What are you saying now?
Why I am angry with this Aamir?
Arre, it is okay for us to want to migrate, even actually migrate.
We are common people no.
But these movie actors should behave more responsibly.
How can he even think of moving?
How can he say what is on his mind?
He is a public figure no.
It is okay for common faceless man like me to think like that.
Even criticize him on social networks,
and send similar Whatsapp forwards to my friends
whom I have not seen since 2010.
Aamir cannot do such things.
He is a perfectionist, he must rehearse his lines before he speaks in public, and say what the audience will like.

Okay, now I have to go.
Time for Skype call with my brother Sandy.. I mean Sandesh.
He will tell me how to get American visa.
Then I go shopping in the evening.
Have to look good when I go to the US no?

Jai Hind!


3 thoughts on “Aamir, you stole my limelight

  1. priyankamoraes says:

    Different from your usual style. I like !!
    Somehow this reminded me of a letter in the book ‘The Inscrutable Americans’ by Anurag Mathur.

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