will wait
for you
till the turn of the season
when rivers
have just begun to get full,
their thirst quelled
by generous rains
that will soon move on further north.

if like the river,
you too want to be nourished,
your thirst quelled
with a thousand touches
all coming together at once.

I will time my jump off the cloud
to the moment
when your space on earth
is right under the crosshairs.

You have to be patient,
and not move too much.
Do not get distracted
by the laughter of the caterpillar,
or the scream of earthworms
as they rush out of their burrows.
Whatever happens, do not move.
Else I won’t catch you,
even with my eagle eye.

Once I have landed,
I will wait.
Like raindrops wait
to fall off the eaves of mud houses into the ground,
so I will wait to seep into you,
and consume you.

But I will wait only till time permits me,
until the wind and the cloud
succumb to the red hot fury of the sun,
and choose to escape,
until the frogs disappear
to wherever they do
to hibernate
or perhaps to preserve
the touch of water on their skin.

Then I will wait no longer,
for like the rain,
I will have places to go too.

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