Keep trying.
Try to wake up early,
Try to start exercise,
Try to learn to play an instrument,
Try to write a story,
Try to ask that girl out,
Try to keep trying.

Try is a word
loaded with skyfuls of promise
and with commitment the size of a vacuum.

Trying makes everything seem possible.
On paper.
I will try to run a marathon this year.
I don’t know if I’ll make it but I’ll try.
I will try to be more disciplined with my time.
From tomorrow. After I’ve spent hours tonight playing Pac-Man on Google Maps.
I will try to be more patient with those who annoy me.
After I’ve fired a stinging comeback to this ass who’s stepping on my toes.

Trying could make you sound less rude. At least in the short term.
I will try to make it
is often a euphemism for
I don’t think it’s really important, and I don’t want to say No in your face. Not right now.

Trying is like unwinding a giant ball of twine
only to bump into the tiny hollow it’s wrapped around.

Trying will not get you moving.
It might create a bubble where you realize your dreams just by thinking of them.

So go ahead. Try. Delay that big step. Doing.

NaPoWriMo 2017, Poem 2


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