Okay, so Sarahah has taken over social media, which is weird for an app that guarantees anonymity to users. Like Gujarat tourism being endorsed by Kingfisher.

Getting back to Sarahah, my Facebook wall this week has been plastered with turquoise green screenshots – until then I thought turquoise was a mythical colour.

I don’t get it. First you ask for feedback with the guarantee of anonymity. Poor gullible feedback provider (PGFP, for short) takes time out to fill in some shit, and literally it can be any shit – lovey dovey messages, giveaways of how he stalked you, spiteful venom, uncle-esque advice. Could be anything. Well dude, PGFP must be saying, you asked for it, so now suck it up. Bhugto. Being faceless in the virtual world is an aphrodisiac; words surge from his fingers. Going by the content, I can’t say they surge from the brain but that’s another thread to be discussed at another time.

And then PGLP hits the send button. Reveling in his secret identity. The receiver in all his wisdom shares the feedback publicly. Ghanta anonymity. If the sender’s name was listed, he might have even tagged him publicly.

What a simple way to receive feedback, yes? I mean, it must be really complicated for person A to ask person B for feedback. Probably because, it involves an actual conversation. And there’s listening involved. That’s way too difficult. So fuck this shit, why not have an app for this. Because that way I can give you feedback without being burdened by responsibility. Wow, this must be what utopia looks like.

But of course, it’s not all that bad. Calm down, I tell my skeptical self. It can be fun even if I don’t participate. I can be the audience this freak desperately needs. So I grab some popcorn, sit back and keep scrolling through these screenshots.

All those souls who are sending, receiving and screenshotting those blue green messages, thank you for all the entertainment.


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