A city road during rush hour traffic

Sound logic

Just another day
to scurry back home.
Like ants, we keep our heads down
and follow the trail.
Wrapped in the metal armour
of cars and buses,
our ears filter out noise
like the shutter of a camera,
and still fail,
as the pinpricks on the road
perforate eardrums
and transform them into sieves.
No one cares about the audio barrage,
No one cares about the hearing loss,
No one cares if their shrieking vehicles pierce your brain like hot spikes.

Screaming horns are magic wands
that make cars go faster,
perhaps even fly, or zip through an alternate dimension.
Screaming horns make traffic flow like undammed rivers
Screaming horns overrule the alternating black and white stripes,
and the little green man in the lights.
Screaming horns make obstacles disappear
if you keep blaring them with good faith.
So we go on,
honking as if sounds shrink time.
We go on, thumbs and palms unrelenting,
for everyone wants to screech at the red light,
and everyone wants to arrive early
by a minute or two
so they can scroll further down their Facebook feed.

Photo source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/action-blur-buildings-busy-302718/

Noise pollution on the road affects all of us more than we care to admit. Pedestrians and cyclists are the worst hit, with no buffer against the incessant honking. As a cyclist, I can testify to the jolts a vehicle honking behind can cause. I have even lost control of the bike in a few cases.

Going full blast on the horn does not solve a single problem, unless you are competing with Dhinchak Pooja for tonal quality. And if you’re going for speed thrills, there’s F1 or NFS. Or bungee jumping. Not on our roads, please.

If you’re a motorist, please please please go easy on the road. Use the horn only if it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re already doing so, a big thank you and thumbs up. The roads need more people like you.

Ride safe and share the road. Peace.


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