Some pauses,
the accidental ones,
the half ums,
the ers,
appear out of nowhere,
like camouflaged speedbreakers on a highway.
They disrupt rhythm,
throwing speaker and listener
a few inches off the ground,
without caring
to break their fall.

But pauses,
when used right,
add gravitas.

Split into three.

Or this:
     am a body
                        of bones
    and blood.

That’s enjambment,
I hear you say.
To me, both are the same.
What is an enjambment,
if not a pause
in a 2D universe
on screen or on paper?
And maybe a vacuum
is just a 3-dimensional pause.

done right,
cover up for content,
like garnishing for a recipe,
like a hiss without a bite,
like a cape for a superhero
without a superpower,
like windows without walls,
like something
for nothing.

like commas, not periods,
the droplets on the edge of a waterfall.
Not knowing what comes after,
Or if anything does
after all.

And stress.
And pause.
For effect,
for applause.
To rest
jabbering jaws.

Pauses are pregnant.
With what?
Damn I forgot
my lines.
the pause.

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