Terrible similes for a terrible summer​ ​

This summer sounds like​
a bad sci-fi script​
sneaked out of the trash bin​
and bribed its way to a wealthy production house.​

It feels like​
one long meditation session the universe never signed up for.​
If I could decide for all,​
I would have traded the meditation for hyper sleep pods,​
Have us all slumber off for three months,​
or six,​
and return to show Covid-19 the middle finger.​

This summer looks like​
I am watching a never-ending game of golf​
on a television set that cannot be turned off,​
and the TV remote mocks me from the couch.​
It has no batteries.​

This summer feels​
like I am trying to find the right key from a bunch of hundreds.​

This summer looks​
like the earth is in the jaws of a monster,​
like it is in the middle of a long eclipse,​
like someone took the book of Revelations too seriously – I hate this author as much as the bad sci-fi one.​

This summer is beginning to read like a book​
where we all make up the words,​
only one on each page.​

This summer
sounds as chaotic as this poem.

Day 2 of the 21-day lockdown​ in India​

I wrote this in a lighter vein to help myself fight back the lows during this lockdown. In no way do I intend to dismiss the threat of Covid as a frivolous one. Stay indoors, stay safe.​


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