The communists are ruining the world

The communists are ruining the world.

The theories flood my phone.
A particular message says the Chinese have engineered the virus.
Some facts are thrown in,
how ‘big people’ the world over have contracted the virus,
Correction: the ‘big people have become corona’ – I don’t know how humans turn into viruses, but it must be possible,
how numbers shoot up in Europe and America
and how the virus did not affect China as much.
I don’t know what are the benchmarks for this conclusion.

Another forward says how the Chinese suppress all news.
Beats me how then
does the news of their government developing a biochemical weapon
get leaked by WhatsApp messages,
and not by intelligence agencies,
No, not even by news channels – they all do great in this department otherwise.

And even if this conspiracy is true,
what of it then?
Our template response
would be to boycott Chinese goods,
with exceptions for AliBaba, of course.

Damn it,
The communists must be ruining the world.
Our democracy works brilliantly.

In the middle of this discovery,
I scroll down my grocery list,
and try to find
the optimal time for stepping out
so I can minimize my outdoor time,
and still get enough sunlight.

At least I am privileged enough
so I don’t have to worry about the cops.
And I don’t have a bus to catch.

The communists must be ruining the world.
Our democracy works brilliantly.

Our democracy works brilliantly
for me,
as long as I can stay ensconced in my chamber,
and not cross state borders.

Day 4 of the 21-day lockdown​ in India​


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