Tremors and tech

On Day 20, emotions run high,
and technology is at the forefrunt
of conflicts
it was meant to resolve.

We resolve one
by creating a video tutorial
and sharing it
over WhatsApp.
We get parents to share their screens
through phone calls
and mirrors,
not by mirroring screens,
but through the real glass ones on cupboards,
and instruct elders
to copy messages
and send them across.
If it sounds complicated,
wait till you yourself
have to do it someday,
either as instructor
or instructee.

On Day 20,
there’s an earthquake in the capital,
and tremors of a different kind
shake up my space in Bangalore,
as groups are infiltrated,
then disbanded,
and I remember
places are synonymous with people,
and not the other way around.

Maybe this is how
we drive ourselves
to the edge of the cliff,
look into the abyss,
before we walk back to safer lands.

Or we don’t.

Day 20 of the 21-day lockdown in India


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